Organization and events
KMG organizes fun fairs in general and fun fairs at your event, varying from one single attraction to a complete fun fair.

KMG can give you advice about the placing of fairground attractions at your party. The choice of attractions strongly depends on your target group. For questions about this choice you can always contact us.

All the attractions placed by KMG are supervised by one person. Whether you place one or several attractions, you always have one person as a contact.

The Netherlands' greatest indoor amusement park, Kerstland Utrecht, has been organized by KMG for many years already.

In short, Kerstland Utrecht is a roofed amusement park with a once-only entrance charge. After passing the cash register all the attractions are freely accessible for the public. At Kerstland Utrecht you will not only find fun fair, but also a circus, show stage, a market and several activities. Do you require more information about this event, please visit

Whether it concerns for example an opening, personnel party, 25th anniversary, ceremonial party, house party, local party, KMG can always be at your service. Call : +31 (0)30-289 26 55 (if there is no answer +31 (0)6-50 40 10 10) or mail us for all your questions about attractions at your event.